New ADU Bill In The Works

In the midst of this legislative progress, the recent surge in ADU structures particularly in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties stands as a testament to the potential effectiveness of these bills, if passed. 
These counties have witnessed an uptick in the construction of ADUs, responding to a growing demand for more diverse and affordable housing options. The proposed changes in the legislation could further catalyze this trend, providing fresh avenues for both buyers and sellers in these counties. 
Homeowners would be able to explore new financial avenues, leveraging the ability to sell ADUs separately from the primary home, potentially unlocking new investment opportunities and providing more flexibility in housing choices. 
Additionally, the removal of owner-occupancy requirements could further incentivize the construction of ADUs as rental properties, expanding the rental market and possibly bringing down rental costs due to increased supply. 
 For buyers, this could mean a greater variety of options on the market, from affordable ADU options to traditional single-family homes. Moreover, the separate sale of ADUs could potentially make the dream of homeownership more attainable for many who find the current market out of reach. 
With the Bay Area, particularly counties like San Mateo and Santa Clara, being hotspots for real estate investments, these legislative changes might shape a more inclusive and diverse property market, fostering a community where more residents can own a piece of the Golden State. 
 For an in-depth exploration of how these potential changes could affect your property decisions, whether you are looking to buy or sell, reach out to Mark Palermo at 650-218-6400. His insights can guide you in navigating the evolving landscape, making informed decisions to capitalize on the new opportunities that might arise from this legislation.
- By Mark Palermo, President-Palermo Properties Team

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