Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Mountain View

When it comes to the location of your next luxury home, transparency is key.

California is the most populous state in the country and arguably one of the most desirable places to live. There are many things to love about living here: the Mediterranean-like weather; the panoramic hillside and ocean views; and, of course, the lavish architecture. Living in Mountain View is an adventure in and of itself, but Palermo Properties understands that priorities vary with each individual, which is why we aim to provide customized service to our clients.

Moving to a new city, especially if it's in a new state, is a life-changing decision that takes careful consideration. Whether it's work or pleasure that has inspired you to move, researching the area will instill a sense of confidence in your decision. By listing out the honest pros and cons of living in Mountain View, California, we hope to make the process of moving as smooth as possible.

Pros of living in Mountain View

Sometimes moving to a new city is a change for the better and an experience to never forget. We've been fortunate enough to call California home and believe there's so much to appreciate about this wonderful state. With that said, making an informed decision is critical, especially when it comes to purchasing luxury real estate in a new city.

Mountain View has a thriving economy

Known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to a handful of incredibly successful tech companies. Job opportunities are abundant here, with companies such as Google (100,000 employees globally) and Intuit (13,000 employees globally). Mountain View's population is just over 80,000 people, and the tech industry isn't the only means of making a living — healthcare, retail, and banking professionals also flourish here. Additionally, a handful of companies located in Mountain View have been placed on the "Happiest Employees" list.

You'll never be bored in Mountain View

California sunshine makes for perfect weather to do, well, practically anything. From mountains to beaches, and everything in between, Mountain View is the ideal place to live for those who love the outdoors. Shoreline Lake provides optimal waters for stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. The nearby Shoreline Park is also encompassed with 750 acres of walking and hiking trails as well as equipped with a golf course. For a more unique experience, Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve has 24 miles of hiking trails, beautiful bay views, and opportunities to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Mountain View is also home to popular attractions and landmarks including the Computer History Museum and the NASA Ames Research Center. When it comes to entertainment, the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts has a variety of performances and events. Lastly, we can't talk about Mountain View without mentioning the food scene. After all, California is known for its incredible cuisine.

You'll be a part of the wonderful Mountain View community

Being in the center of the Bay Area, the diversity of nearby cities trickles down, providing the innovation and culture that Mountain View is known for. It's a vibrant community that's in proximity to the buzz of urban life yet maintains a small-town charm. When you step outside, you're sure to be greeted by people biking or walking their dogs while enjoying the sunshine. You can also support local businesses by visiting the local farmers market that occurs every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cons of living in Mountain View

The cost of living is higher in Mountain View

Unfortunately, the desirable climate and location of Mountain View have made the cost of living higher than the national average. This not only includes housing but also other goods such as health care, grocery items, and transportation. The median property value is $1.6 million compared to the national average of $353,000. While Mountain View has a robust economy with ample job opportunities, over 70 percent of the population has a college education with many of the available jobs requiring one.

There is a lot of traffic and overall congestion

Any Californian will tell you that traffic is a thorn in their side, no matter which city you live in. Whether you're commuting or heading to the beach, be sure to plan your day around traffic. The average commute time is one to two hours by car. With that said, every city has its fair share of congested highways, so if you're coming from another city, it won't be much of a shock. We recommend finding somewhere close to work or taking advantage of the network of bike lanes or riding the bus.

Moving to Mountain View, California

Hiring a real estate professional to assist in your home-buying journey can relieve a lot of daunting work, especially if you are looking in a competitive market such as Mountain View. Homes here typically get multiple offers, so a professional who knows how to negotiate terms is imperative. The Palermo Properties Team is dedicated to not only advising you on the sale or purchase of your new luxury home but providing exceptional service in all aspects of the buying and selling process.

Breathtaking views of the bay and surrounding mountains are enough to convince anyone to move here — if only it were that easy. We understand that making the move to another city is essentially a risk, both for your wallet and quality of life. The Palermo Properties Team prides ourselves on establishing trustworthy relationships with our clients so that they can breathe easy after making such big decisions.

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